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At self and life mastery I share practical strategies and inspiration to enable you to take the small steps that can add up to a bigger change. Steps towards a genuine self acceptance and living your greatest strengths.

I’m not going to pretend that I have it all sorted.

Or that I diligently apply all the science–based information I share in my blog consistently in my own life (Oh – if only!).

can let you know that I do my very best to be a better person each day, that I seek to do that in an informed way, and it works!

I’ve spent over 25 years in my study and career learning about personal development and growing potential, human behaviour, healthy relationships, and healthy, engaged workplaces.

I am most proud to share that I have been keenly and very purposefully focused on being a better me.

For a while,  it felt like my life had stalled for many years. And seeing it shrink down to the bare essentials I began to make brave choices for myself and the people I loved. Through this journey I have developed a unique perspective on overcoming challenges, building determination, self forgiveness, and the acceptance of the journey’s we are each on. These experiences have better shaped my understandings of people and life.

And I hope, have made me a better human.

My blog is born from a combination of my learning from own conscious path, enriched by my theoretical insight. And strives to be the website I went looking for at the beginning of my journey when I searched for “how to grow yourself up!

I am determined to create a platform that reflects my beliefs that you can be the person you seek to be, that you will find space to nurture yourself and grow, and step by step create the life you seek.

I want to invite you to be a part of the process as I translate my learning into bite sized, accessible pieces. To make a difference in people’s lives is something I continue to work towards, in whatever I do.

Thanks again for dropping by.